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Any professional can act as a social caregiver and mentoring other people

All the professionals involved in social care and direct work with people, both in the health and educational fields, act as mentors for these people. Moreover, any person can be a social caregiver and mentor, if they have a responsibility and a commitment to the development and progression of other people.

This is the main conclusion of the webinar organized by Fundació ACE and given this week by the teacher and educational consultant Lola Reeves Garay, which dealt with collective vulnerability and resilience from the perspective of social care.

However, according to Reeves, the role of the mentor should not be seen from a hierarchical point of view, but rather their role is educational within a person's learning process and this process takes time. Their role is based on the exchange of skills. "Not because we are mentors, we have more skills than the people we are mentoring, but we have different ones", said Lola Reeves.

In the field of social care, Lola Reeves points out that mentors also have the responsibility to be empathetic, proactive and constructive, becoming aware of what others need and trying to meet their needs, without judging anyone. For Reeves, mentoring in a holistic model of care means taking into account the emotions, behavior and reasons why the caregiver behaves a certain way, improving our connection with them and helping them create a safe environment.

A holistic model of care

The consultant has talked about Fundació ACE as an example of a holistic model of care, which has become evident more recently during the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lola Reeves has stated that in order to build community resilience, the situation of the caregivers must be assessed throughout the process and taking into account their specific needs, as well as analysing future needs and progressively re-establishing daily rhythms and routines. "That is what the Foundation has done by continuing to help caregivers and users through telematic communication", she concluded.

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