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Fundació ACE travels to Brussels to discuss Alzheimer's from a European perspective


A delegation from Fundació ACE led by its medical director, Dr. Mercè Boada, and the deputy director, Dr. Alba Benaque, attended this week in Brussels to several events to join efforts in the fight against Alzheimer's at European level.

On one hand, the Foundation took part in a round table at the European Parliament to discuss and evaluate the socioeconomic impact of Alzheimer's in Europe. The session, included in the round table cycle "The Value of Treatment for Brain Disorders" promoted by the European Brain Council (EBC), addressed the problem of the high cost of Alzheimer’s treatments. As a result, the EBC plans to publish a White Paper on the future of Alzheimer's policy in Europe.

On the other, during the same day, Fundació ACE also participated in the European Alzheimer's Roundtable 2018, organized by the International Center for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS) and attended by leading professionals in the field of Alzheimer's and other types of dementias. During the session, there were discussed several issues such as the framework of European public policies in the field of this disease; the improvement of the detection and treatment; the promotion of research and the development of drugs, as well as the required support for the future.

The final goal of this round table is to publish a report on Alzheimer's that gives a general overview of the situation of this disease in Europe and what actions and initiatives can be put in place in order to improve the prospects for the future.





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