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The MOPEAD project (Models of Patient Engagement for Alzheimer’s disease) is a European initiative aiming to give citizens an active role in the early detection of the disease.

The participation of citizens is crucial, according to the project leader and medical director of Fundació ACE, Mercè Boada. “One of the main causes of the delay in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is the lack of awareness among people about cognitive impairment and what it implies” says Boada. “We need to inform about the signs that need to be identified, so that citizens can distinguish a benign forgetfulness from a symptom. This way, we can start to diagnose earlier. ”



To achieve this goal, MOPEAD has four models of patient participation, under evaluation. The first model, led by GMV, is to adapt and launch an online validated neuropsychological test, so that any interested person can participate. Click here to participate in the study.

This model is especially interesting because if a person performs the test and the results suggest there is a certain degree of cognitive decline, the system sends a report that can be downloaded and submitted to the doctor.

The second model, led by Fundació ACE, is based on the Open Door Days, free memory reviews carried out in the specialized memory clinics of the 5 participating countries: the Center for Alzheimer’s Research “Karolinska Institutet” of Stockholm; the University Hospital of Ljubljana; the General Hospital of Cologne “Uniklinik Köln”, and Fundació ACE in Barcelona.

The third and fourth models are based on the early detection of symptoms by the primary care physicians and the endocrinologists who treat patients with type 2 diabetes, due to the recently discovered relationship between this pathology and cognitive deterioration.

As reported by Dr. Boada “More than 1.300 people have already participated in the research and among those who have been diagnosed with cognitive impairment, more than 140 have reached the final phase of the study in the memory clinic “. The goal of the research is to work, at least, with 200 people aged 65-85 years old, from Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain and the Netherlands.


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