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The "Barcelona Printlife" exhibition, already opened


Fujilfilm Spain and Fundació ACE have opened today the exhibition "Barcelona Printlife" that will be open to the public from January 10th - 20th (on January 14th it will be closed) at the Disseny Hub Barcelona (free entry).

The exhibition, which has been conceived as a contemporary time capsule, gathers 7,000 photographs of everyday moments that anonymous people have shared through the digital platform Inspire Printing, promoted by Fujifilm. The exhibition will serve to raise funds for Alzheimer's research and highlight the value of images as a tool to make lasting memories.


Mercè Boada, medical director of Fundació ACE, emphasized that "we are convinced of the power of photography as a key element for cognitive and emotional stimulation of people suffering from Alzheimer's. We want to thank Fujifilm for their sensitivity and trust and their commitment to Alzheimer's research, which is the only way we can overcome this dementia." In this sense, Fujifilm will donate one euro for each visitor attending the exhibition.

Workshops and conferences for all audiences

Throughout the exhibition "Barcelona Printlife", several workshops designed for all audiences will be offered, such as the free memory reviews that neuropsychologists from Fundació ACE  will offer to people over 50 (January 16th, 16-20h) or the workshop "The line of your life" in which people with Alzheimer's will exercise their memory through photography (January 17th, 16-20h).

In addition to the workshops, Dr. Isabel Hernández, head of the clinical area at Fundació ACE, will led the conference "The latest progresses in Alzheimer's research" (January 15th at 19h). Visitors to the exhibition will be able to take photographs and print them on site, thanks to Instax cameras and photocall available at the event.




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