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A goodbye to Dr. Manuel Sarasa, a leader in Alzheimer's research

Scientist Manuel Sarasa, 63 years old, has passed away today after a long illness.

Dr. Sarasa was the scientific founder of the biotech company Araclon Biotech in 2004 and was the architect of several biotechnology patents related to the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

One of his greatest professional achievements is the design of a vaccine for Alzheimer's, which is in phase II of its clinical trial, and in which Fundació ACE participates. Thus, Sarasa also designed a diagnostic kit for the early detection of this terrible neurodegenerative disease.

Dra. Mercè Boada, medical director at Fundació ACE, has released a personal statement in which she recalls the years of shared work with Dr. Sarasa.

Manolo, my dear "tato", with whom I have shared a long journey of pioneer projects such as the design of the first blood biomarker and the Vaccine for AD, today has passed away.

The academic world has lost a great researcher, a wise man, discreet, generous, faithful to his principles. A great person whom we will carry in our hearts.

Luis and I will dearly miss him. Today we feel a deep void.

With Manolo we shared much more than science. We shared the deepest affection and respect to someone who placed his trust in Fundació ACE for which our gratitude is and will be infinite.

But our complicity went further than an papers or presentations.

It was to live the landscape of Huesca, the immense wheat fields that were part of his story, the golden sea bathed by Cierzo and Ayerbe.

We will not really say goodbye, because his legacy is a part of us and of this country's research.

Farewell, Manolo.

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