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Fundació ACE research team recognized with seven grants for Alzheimer's and other dementias research



The team of professionals at Fundació ACE Research Unit have been recognized with a total of seven public grants for dementia research from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. Seven of them have been granted by the Instituto Carlos III and one through the Juan de la Cierva contract aid program.


A total of 4 funded research projects

Through these grants, Fundació ACE will receive around € 616,000 in order to finance four research projects, one of them led by Dr. Marta Marquié that studies the usefulness of Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCT-A) , a test that measures the state of the blood vessels of the retina, when predicting the likelihood of developing Alzheimer's and vascular dementia.

These grants will also help fund two projects led by Dr. Agustín Ruiz, scientific director of the entity. On the one hand, the second phase of the GR@ACE project, devoted to the study of Alzheimer's related genes. On the other, there is a European project, co-led by Fundació ACE and the University of Cologne, aimed to identify cellular aging factors in Alzheimer's patients in order to study their impact on the development of the disease. This is one of the three grants that the Joint Program for Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) has given to Spanish research groups, after a demanding competitive process between the proposals.

In addition, the Instituto de Salud Carlos III financed a fourth project led by the Pere Virgili Health Research Institute Foundation, with the collaboration of Fundació ACE, related to nutritional modulation. The goal of this project is to study how dietary changes can affect certain regulatory molecules of Alzheimer's related genes and insulin resistance and, at the same time, see if these molecules can be used to improve the prognosis of cognitive impairment.


A mobility grant

On the other hand, these research aids also include the granting of a mobility grant that will be used to finance a six-month stay at the Glenn Biggs Institute Alzheimer's & Neurodegerative Diseases, of the University of Texas, with the aim of creating a genomic observatory for generate data on the complete genome sequence in the Spanish, Mexican and American population. The aim is to create personalized drug programs and identify new genes linked to the disease.


Awarded with 2 training grants

Finally, the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities awarded Fundació ACE with two training grants for hiring two new researchers to be incorporated in the study of new biomarkers and in the neuroimaging research program.

Dr. Agustín Ruiz wanted to highlight that these research grants “are a recognition of the job carried out at our Unit and encourage us to continue with the research of the disease that requires many efforts and remains still unknown".


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