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Fundació ACE takes part in the 3rd Sino-German symposium on preclinical Alzheimer's



Agustín Ruiz, head of research at Fundació ACE, presented this weekend the GRA@CE study at the 3rd Sino-German Symposium on "Cross Cultural Harmonization of Research on Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease between Germany and China" held in Nanjing (China).

The GR@ACE project, resulting from the partnership between Fundació ACE, "la Caixa" Foundation and Grifols, is a human genetics study based on the application of high resolution genomic technologies aiming to find out new genes that lead to Alzheimer's and use this information to propose new treatments to fight this disease. Currently, it is the study with more genomic samples performed in Spain.

This Chinese-German symposium, which this year took place on November 1st -4th, at the University of Nanjing, aims to bring together international experts annually in the study of pre-clinical or asymptomatic Alzheimer's that occurs when the first molecular alterations take place in the brain, but the symptoms of the disease are still not visible. The congress wants to be a platform to spread the latest advances in this field, share resources and establish as far as possible new partnerships and collaboration synergies.



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