Great public attendance at Dr. Kosik conference at Fundació ACE


Dr. Kosik Lecture


Around fifty Alzheimer's and dementia professionals filled the Grifols auditorium at Fundació ACE headquarters last week to attend Dr. Kenneth Kosik conference, an international benchmark in stem cell research and its application in neurodegenerative diseases.

The lecture, which took place on October 8th, addressed the results of the research work of more than three decades in Colombia, within a large family that carries a rare genetic mutation in the Presenilin 1 gene, which inevitably leads to develop Alzheimer's disease at an early age, around 45 years old.


Kosik, an international reference

Kosik, who is currently a professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara, has more than 300 scientific publications and more than 40,000 citations.

Some of his recent scientific contributions represent a significant advance in the understanding of how human embryonic stem cells work. Likewise, it has also contributed to a new approach on how to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's and try to minimize the impact of this disease.



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