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World Alzheimer's Day 2016: informative conferences


Every year when the World Alzheimer's Day approaches, Fundació ACE prepares different activities around Alzheimer's disease in order to raise awareness and to let people know what to do if they think they are losing memory. This year, as every other before, Fundació ACE prepares 2 lectures amongst other activities.

Lectures will take place the 21st of September. First one will be at 16:00 at the primary medical attention at C/Numància, Barcelona. The talk will be lead by the neurologist Silvia Gil, who is part of the team of the Diagnostic Unit of the Fundació. It's  titled "Memory complaints: how much do we have to worry?". The same day at 18:00, Fundació ACE's Clinical Head, Isabel Hernandez, will participate in a panel discussion at the House of Culture of Sant Cugat del Vallès. The table is entitled "Research, heritage, treatments and ethics in care."

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Dia Mundial de l'Alzheimer 2016          

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