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The second Seminar of the Estimul'Art Program has a date

seminario seminari Estimulart

The second Seminar of the Estimul'Art program will take place on Saturday 23 May. It has been jointly organized by Fundació ACE, the Frederic Marés Museum, the History Museum of Barcelona and the ESMUC. The goal is to show how beauty and knowledge stimulate the emotions of people with Alzheimer's and other diseases that affect cognitive abilities. The program Estimul'Art, an initiative that Fundació ACE launched in 2014, already has 5 entities that are stable collaborators. In 2017, for example, the Museum of the Performing Arts of Catalonia has been incorporated that has organized, for now, two visits for people affected by dementia. The initiative carries out rigorous scientific-medical follow-up to improve the proposals that different entities can offer. Its ultimate goal is that users can enjoy the experience and at the same time stimulate their memory both historical and emotional. Asistance to the Seminar is free. The Seminar program is available for download here.

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