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WEBINAR: "Collective vulnerability and collective resilience from a social care perspective"

Next Tuesday June 2nd at 16.30h Fundació ACE will host a 1-hour webinar on collective vulnerability and collective resilience from a social care perspective.

The speaker will be Lola Reeves Garay, a teacher trainer and educational consultant, who will reflect upon collective vulnerability and resilience in times of COVID-19 and about Fundació ACE and its holistic patient approach.

Lola Reeves Garay will be introduced by Dr. Mercè Boada, medical director of Fundació ACE.


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About the speaker

Lola Reeves Garay is a teacher, a teacher trainer, an educational consultant, a specialist in SLA (Second Language Acquisition), SLDs (Specific Learning Differences), and holds an MA in educational psychology. 

She has been in the educational field for the last 18 years and has managed academic programs, published academic material for CUP, TCL, among others. 

Lola Reeves Garay creates and delivers training development programs, conferences and workshops for educators in mainstream education in Spain, Portugal, the UK and Latin America.

She works in public and private education and is also involved in research in education and educational psychology, mentors’ medical residents at various hospitals in Barcelona to guide them through their educational journey, as well as gives educational training to medical professionals in charge of resident programs. 

Reeves works as an educational consultant and mentor/counselor in various public and private educational institutions across the country, collaborates with various departments of education in regional governments, as well as with the MECD (Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport).

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