Sven van der Lee, MD, PhD
Research Associate at VU University Medical Center

Dr. Sven van der Lee is a medical doctor and postdoctoral researcher at the departement of Human Genetics of Amsterdam UMC, location VU University medical center (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

He earned his MD at the Leiden University Medical Center (Leiden, the Netherlands), is trained as genetic epidemiologist and obtained his PhD at the Erasmus Medical Center, Department of Epidemiology (Rotterdam, the Netherlands).

In his research he identified in large scale collaborative analyses multiple genetic factors and metabolic factors that influence the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. He is particularly interested to translate findings from basic science to clinically useful (bio)markers of dementia and does so in collaboration with the Amsterdam Alzheimer center and international collaborators.

2nd June - 15:45 h.
The many ways to longevity: Polygenic Risk Scores in CHARGE and beyond - SPEAKER