What do we do:
Social research

The purpose of the research in the social area is to analyse the different variables associated with the care of a person with cognitive deterioration or dementia and discover which ones enable or hinder the wellbeing of the person being cared for and their immediate socio-familial group.

This is considered to be a cutting-edge line of research and is one of the characteristics that differentiates Fundació ACE from other Catalan and Spanish organisations.


Two studies are currently being carried out:

  • one aims to study the structure of carers surrounding people with cognitive deterioration (based on data from 9,900 people)
  • and, the other, with the purpose of establishing to what extent the level of overburdening of main carers is correlated to the condition and behaviour of the person with cognitive deterioration or dementia (based on information about 1,000 carers)