Barcelona Alzheimer Treatment & Research Center

Help us, help yourself: give memory

At Fundació ACE

– We do diagnosis to know what happens to Mary and how can we help her,

– We do treatment so that Eulalia doesn’t lose the desire to keep on doing things,

– We do research so that Albert can remember the names of his grandchildren,

– We help Antonio and his family to live in the memory and emotions,

– We do campaigning and awareness actions so that someday Alzheimer’s becomes history…


But we need to continue to everybody. We need everyone to advance our projects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research, awareness, information…


We need you! And so I want to explain what we do and how we do it, and why, has just published a leaflet which explains why we need your help, everyone’s help, to continue advancing. So you can get involved to make real desire…


To do so, the brochure you will find all the necessary information.




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