Barcelona Alzheimer Treatment & Research Center


code of ethics

To ensure compliance with the highest standards of ethics, care and human resources and social participation management, Fundació ACE has provided itself with a Code of Ethics. The aims are:

  • To promote and ensure the maintenance of the respect and dignity of the people with whom the Fundació’s staff interact.
  • To promote and ensure the maintenance of a stimulating, safe working environment, based on respect for diversity and the dignity of individuals.
  • To safeguard the confidentiality and protection of sensitive information.
  • To limit participation in political and associative life.
  • The respect and defence, both on the part of the Fundació and of its providers, of the environment and the safety conditions of all those who participate in the value chain.

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Regarding the compilation of the Foundation’s 2015 Global Report, one part of this will be dedicated to presenting the year’s CSR activities. The Report will detail the actions carried out, the level to which objectives were met and the update of indicators.


In 2016, the Foundation’s CSR goals for 2017–2021 will be set participatively. The annual CSR Report will communicate the degree to which the specific objectives are met.