Barcelona Alzheimer Treatment & Research Center

clinical research

clinical research is necessary to move forward in understanding and curing diseases

At Fundació ACE, we are working on numerous clinical trials with internationally participating centres, studying all phases of the disease’s progression. Our research covers everything from the pre-clinical phases, when the disease still doesn’t show, to the most advanced phases of Alzheimer’s disease.

We have an extensive database containing information on more than 18,000 patients with a range of cognitive diseases. Analysing this information allows us to generate knowledge about the clinical characteristics and the progression of the different pathologies. The ultimate objective is to improve our capacity for accurate diagnosis and provide each patient with the most appropriate treatment.

Participation in clinical trials is determined by scientists in charge of it. Each clinical trial demands specific requirements that the candidate has to reunite.

If you want more information about your possible participation in a clinical trial you can contact us at:

93 430 47 20 +3

Early diagnosis of the disease is one of the fields that are currently generating the most interest in the scientific community. In light of this, Fundació ACE has launched FACEHBI (the Fundació ACE Healthy Brain Initiative), an ambitious project which aims to follow over time 200 people with subjective memory complaints, integrating clinical, genetic, analytic and neuropsychological data.