Barcelona Alzheimer Treatment & Research Center


Fundació ACE’s activities related to visual arts, music, knowledge of the environment, etc., for Day Care Unit patients are grouped together under the name Estimul’Art

Specifically, Fundació ACE, the Frederic Marès Museum and the Museum of the History of Barcelona run a programme of activities, “Estimul’Art: history, art and Alzheimer’s“, aimed at people in the early phases of Alzheimer’s disease. The programme is based on a combination of programmed visits to these museums for reduced groups of patients. Patients can also attend these visits in the company of family members or carers. The aim of the visits is to stimulate improvements in patients’ memory and emotional capacities, as well as to assess scientifically this capacity for improvement.

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One of the branches of Estimul’Art program is occupied by music. Thanks to the collaboration of the ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) and the study of the soprano Begoña Alberdi, patients of the Daycare Unit can enjoy small concerts and participation in activities of the programme ApropaCultura in the Auditori de Barcelona.