Ethical code


  •  Respect for people
  •  About privacy and the protection of personal About privacy and the   protection of personal data
  •  About privacy and the protection of personal dataAbout privacy and   the protection of personal data data
  •  About hygiene, safety and the environment
  •  Confidentiality and the protection of sensitive information
  •  Image preservation
  •  Participation in political and associative life
  •  Security in relations with suppliers
  •  Reporting devices




Objective: To promote and assure the maintenance of respect for and the dignity of the people with whom the Fundació’s staff interact and to promote and ensure the maintenance of a stimulating, creative and non-discriminatory working environment for all colleagues, respecting diversity and individual dignity.

Fundació ACE:

-Is committed to compliance with the highest standards of respect for the dignity of the people with whom its staff has dealings. Its action will be founded particularly on respect for patients’ decisions about being informed of their diagnosis, follow-up of their treatment, use of the centres at the day care unit and voluntary participation in research projects.

-Considers to be degrading therapeutic cruelty and any practice that may increase people’s suffering without any real and demonstrable improvement in their health condition.

-Respects the decisions of patients and people with the legitimate and legal capacity to take decisions on their behalf regarding the end of life process.

-Establishes that its staff have the right to monitor, adapt and bring up to date all information communicated to patients, their families or carers, where applicable, regarding the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and safety of a diagnostic method or treatment.

-Supports the equality of opportunity of every one of its colleagues or candidates in terms of recruitment, access to training, remuneration, social protection and professional development. Only competence, experience and personal aptitude shall be taken into consideration.

-Prohibits all forms of discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, health status or disability.

-Prohibits any behaviour which is contrary to individual dignity, and particularly any kind of persecution, whichever form it may take.


Objective: The protection of personal data is a fundamental right, ensuring respect for the privacy of colleagues and anybody who has dealings with the Fundació.

Fundació ACE understands that:

-All employees and third parties with whom the Fundació works (patients participating in clinical trials, doctors, representatives of the scientific community, suppliers, etc.) have the right to respect for their private lives; for that reason, the Foundation is committed to protecting their personal data.

-Personal data is any information that allows a natural person to be identified, directly or indirectly (name, date of birth, healthcare document number, photograph, email address, digital identification, etc.).

-The protection of personal data guarantees individuals the right to control over the collection, handling, use, dissemination and storage of data.

-This data must be kept and used fairly and for a precise, explicit and legitimate purpose, and must only be stored for so long as is necessary for the purposes of the study or treatment involved.

- The Fundació is committed to ensuring the security of the data it handles.


Objective: To ensure the safety and protect the health of employees; to optimise the safety of installations and to respect the environment.

Fundació ACE:

-Will limit the impact of its activity on the environment. The Fundació will establish measures to reduce the consumption of natural resources (water, electricity, gas, paper, etc.).

-Must take specific measures regarding the handling of solid and liquid waste, especially biological waste, respecting meticulously the legislation in force.

-Will promote the implementation of safety and environmental protection regulations among its suppliers and subcontractors.


Objective: To protect sensitive and confidential information.

Fundació ACE considers that:

-Any information that is not public must be protected, even beyond the strict formal obligation of secrecy, whether that information concerns the Fundació, its employees or third parties.

-It is necessary to ensure that this sensitive data is protected and to examine thoroughly and on case-by-case basis situations in which there is debate about the benefits of disseminating information outside of the Fundació.

-Privileged information includes that which concerns financial results, investment projects and meaningful results of clinical trials, among other areas.


Objective: New communication networks should be used responsibly.

Fundació ACE establishes that:

-Only colleagues duly authorised by the Management are permitted to communicate on behalf of the Fundació about its activities and expectations.

-All colleagues must be respectful of the Fundació and third parties when using social media, even if using it as a private individual.

-External collaborators and content providers must also respect these principles.


Objective: To be considered as a civic body, at the service of citizens.

Fundació ACE establishes that:

-No colleague or representative of the Fundació is authorised to commit the Fundació directly or indirectly in activities, whatever their nature, to support a specific party or electoral coalition or to assert their relation with the Fundació when engaging in political activity.

-The use of the Fundació’s resources or donation or the establishment of financial contributions to support in any way the activities of political groups, public officials or candidates for public office at any level of representation is not authorised.


Objective: That suppliers respect the Fundació’s ethical standards.

Fundació ACE asks:

- That all its suppliers respect the highest ethical standards within the scope of their activities.

- In the field of human rights and working conditions, the Fundació wants all its suppliers to respect the principles of the International Labour Organization convention and particularly those relating to child labour, forced labour, working hours, conditions of remuneration, the freedom of association and expression and the equality of opportunities.

- In the field of hygiene, safety and the environment, the Fundació asks that its providers guarantee their employees dignified conditions of hygiene and safety.

- That its suppliers respect international laws and regulations regarding the fight against corruption.


Objective: To put into effect the respect for employees' rights and duties.

Fundació ACE considers that:

- If a colleague considers in good faith that any legislation, regulation or any principle stated in this Code of Ethics is being or is about to be violated, then they may, respecting the applicable rules, report this to their immediate superior, or to the Chairman of the Board if they consider that the response is not satisfactory.

- No sanction or means of discrimination may be taken against said colleague so long as they have acted in good faith, with no intent to cause harm, even if the facts reported are found to have been incorrect or do not result in any action due to withdrawal.