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Fundació ACE and Kern Pharma publish a comic book about Alzheimer’s

Fundació ACE and Kern Pharma publish a comic book about Alzheimer’s



Kern Pharma, a leader company in the development and production of drugs, published together with Fundació ACE, 20,000 copies of the comic “You, Me and Alzheimer’s.”

Aimed at children between 6 and 12 years of age, this material wants to help children cope with  diagnosis of this disease with greater knowledge in people close to them as, for example, their grandparents.

The comic will be distributed through neurologists and pharmacies adhered to the project so that it can make them reach families with old people that may be affected by Alzheimer’s. In addition, on the occasion of the World Day of this disease which is is traditionally celebrated on September 21, Kern Pharma has distributed 800 copies to 40 schools in five autonomous communities: Andalusia, Asturias, Catalonia, Valencia and Galicia to sensitize children about it and so that they can speak about Alzheimer’s with their teachers and classmates.

The comic is introduced by Dr. Merce Boada, cofounder and Medical Director of the Foundation, and ends with reading comprehension activities for children.

The publication of “You, Me and Alzheimer’s” is part of the commitment Kern Pharma maintained for years with the development of materials that can be useful for people with the disease, their families and caregivers, and health professionals.



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