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PreDADQoL or social, ethical and legal implications of Alzheimer’s

PreDADQoL or social, ethical and legal implications of Alzheimer’s

Next Monday members of the PreDADQoL study will meet in Fundació ACE – Barcelona Alzheimer Treatment & Research Center headquarters in Barcelona. The original title of the project is Ethical and Legal Framework for Predictive Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease: Quality of Life of Individuals at Risk and Their Close Other.

Technological advances now allow us to predict, in advance, the development of Alzheimer’s disease in elderly subjects presenting a mild cognitive impairment. Unfortunately, this prediction is not 100 x 100 effective. In fact, only 80% of the cases studied the prediction is correct.

The PreDADQoL project is designed to develop a theoretical and practical operational framework that provides the basis for managing the situations they will have to face a person when it is made in the future could develop Alzheimer’s disease. The work program includes the development of a guide that allows properly advise patients and their immediate surroundings when they receive an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

Fundació ACE works, as the only partner with the University of Cologne to carry out this project.


  1. Será que poderemos obter mais informações acerca do projeto?

    Em Portugal não temos enquadramento legislativo e seria interessante fazer um estudo de impacto ético, legal e social sobretudo para conseguirmos validar a necessidade de enquadramento e sensibilização dos nossos políticos.

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