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The Mediterranean Alzheimer’s Alliance meets in Barcelona

On May 27 will be held in Barcelona the annual meeting of the Mediterranean Alzheimer’s Alliance (MAA). The Mediterranean Alzheimer’s Alliance (MAA) is a partnership with the representatives of 17 countries bordering the Mediterranean in order to thoroughly study the impact of Alzheimer’s disease in their societies. Participating representatives of Algeria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Italy, Greece, Libya, Malta, Monaco, Morocco, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.

This network aims to help scientists and family associations to develop their initiatives to identify the needs and specificities of the region, to promote relations between associations, scientists and academics to share and exchange knowledge and practices and present recommendations to make sure that the diagnosis, treatment and research into Alzheimer’s disease is a priority in the Mediterranean.

The meeting will be celebrated just last week that there will be the twentieth annual meeting of the Catalan Society of Neurology and the tenth Conference Barcelona – Pittsburgh about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in the world.

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