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Fundació ACE in the Municipal Council of Barcelona

Fundació ACE in the Municipal Council of Barcelona


Last Friday June 30 ERC Municipal Group presented a plea to the Municipal Plenary of the Catalan capital. According to the text read by councilor Trini Capdevila, the group asked the government of the mayor Ada Colau to promote the activities of early detection and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Specifically, the councilor explained the prevalence of the disease among the Catalan population. The plea also remembered that they are not numbers only. For every person affected there is a family behind who must care, who must face the new situation, etc.

Children who, by their condition, are more susceptible to the impact of having someone in the Alzheimer’s family.
That is why the Councilor asked during the prayer that the City Council supports with public means of dissemination the school program designed by the ACE Foundation. This program is a guide for children between 8 and 16 years of what is Alzheimer’s disease and the effects it produces. How to treat a person with these problems, what measures should be taken or how they can help are some of the questions that are resolved in the plan.

The Deputy Mayor thanked the councilor for her prayer, greeted the representatives of the ACE Foundation who were present and invited the Foundation to join the Council of Pedagogical Innovation, a entity that is forming with the Catalan entities involved.

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