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Music and Alzheimer’s

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Fundació ACE and the Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC) has organized a Seminar on Music and Alzheimer’s to be held on the 14th of July. Since January, both entities are working together in the Estimul’Art music project, which promotes every kind of music performed live to the patients of the daycare unit of Fundació ACE.

Now they make a step more in their collaboration and prepare this Seminar that will be presenting the most relevant aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias related to music. The answers of people affected to the musical stimuli, based on what the medical professionals of Fundació ACE have been able to track in this area.


Teachers in charge of the day are as follows:

Dra. Mercè Boada. Neurologist. Doctor of Medicine from the University of Barcelona. Founder and medical director of ACE Foundation, Dr. Merce Boada was not until 2013 Section Head of Neurology Department of Vall d’Hebron Hospital. He has published more than 150 articles, 25 book chapters and 12 books medical release. He has led more than 100 international drug clinical trials focused on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, as well as various research projects on neurodegenerative diseases. It has been awarded the Award for Professional Excellence by the Medical Council of Catalonia (2008) and the Medal Josep Trueta health merit by the Generalitat of Catalonia (2012). In 2014 he was named honorary member of the Spanish Society of Neurology. In 2015 he was awarded the prize for the best professional and academic career, awarded by the Catalan Society of Neurology. In 2016 he received the Cross of Sant Jordi awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia for its contribution to research and awareness in the field of dementias.

Mr. Antoni Gelonch. He has conducted studies of Pharmacy and Law at the University of Barcelona. It also holds a Diploma in European Studies from the University of Grenoble and Business Management from IESE (University of Navarra). He has been Secretary General of the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia and director of the Program Reordering Public Health Department of Health. He has also been president of Medical Youths of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands and the National Student Federation of Catalonia. For 17 years he has held senior positions in the sector of the multinational pharmaceutical industry, both locally and globally, in MSD and Sanofi. It is Honorary Academician of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Jorge and founder-director of the Collection Gelonch Viladegut, specializing in prints and art books. He has been a member of the Social Council of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and today it is the University of Lleida. Currently he is Chairman of the Boards of Trustees of the Circles of Barcelona City History Museum and the Museum Frederic Marès, President of the Barcelona Foundation 1989 Board member of ACE Foundation and director of Corporate Relations (PAO) of the same entity.

Dra. Melissa Mercadal. Psychologist and specialist in geriatrics and dementia music therapist. She is coordinator of master’s degrees and research and director of the master’s music therapy Esmuc. As a music therapist works with: ACE Foundation, Alzheimer Catalonia, Sanitas Residencial and music therapy in various formations giving specific seminars on music therapy and dementias. He has published extensively, both nationally and internationally. Co-authored with his music therapist colleague Patricia Martin’s book “Handbook of Music Therapy in Geriatrics and Dementia: Theory and Practice” published by Editions Montsa-Prayma (2008), “Manual Therapy in Medicine” (2010) and “Music, music therapy and disability “(2012) published by Jimmi publisher. Now is the Spanish Delegate to the European muisic Therapy Confederation and Head of the Publications Committee of the World Federation of Music Therapy.

Monica Castro. Music therapist specializing in dementia and geriatric clinic. She combines clinical intervention, training of professionals and research. Collaborates with: ACE Foundation, Alzheimer Catalonia, Sanitas Residencial, Hospitalet AFA, AFA Barcelona, School of Psychology at the University Ramon Llull, Master Psychogeriatric of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Master of Music Therapy at the ESMUC.

Oriol Casals. Professor of Music and Master in Music Therapy (UPF-URL). He has extensive experience as a music teacher in compulsory education, where he has also been teaching principal. As a music therapist has been exercised in the community and special education fields. Currently he combines clinical practice in geriatrics and palliative, with teaching (Faculty Pere Tarres-URL) and dissemination of issues related to health and music in Radio Estel. Since September 2015 collaborates with the activity “An orchested morning for people with Alzheimer” in the Auditorium of Barcelona.

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