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Due to their age, people with dementia belong to a risk group of vulnerability facing Covid-19. Despite the fact that nowadays the average age of patients are 40 years, we cannot lower our guard nor relax security measures.   

Coronavirus outbreaks have emerged in our country because of alterations in security measures and reopening of leisure and mobility. In June we heard first news about new contagions, but during holidays, especially in August, the disease has spread through all the territory. 

For that reason, in Fundació ACE recommend to apply the following 10 measures for the welfare of people with dementia or cognitive disorders, and their caregivers: 

  1. Restart your walks. 

Exercise benefits people with cognitive damage and it is and excellent complement of the therapeutical process. For that reason, we encourage people with dementia to restart their walks, but reducing the time they are outside and in periods with less attendance, for instance, at first light.  

  1. Avoid crowded places. 

As an example, public transport. We must avoid indoors or outdoors places where we cannot respect safe distancing. If it is possible, is highly recommend to move in private transport or on foot.   

  1. Use the mask. 

In July 8th, Catalan Government ordered the compulsory use of the mask on public roads, in outdoor spaces and any enclosed space for public, regardless of whether people are observing physical safe distancing. 

  1. Constant hand cleanliness. 

The best way for avoiding contagion is a precise hand hygiene. The risk of catching the virus reduces by cleaning our hands and applying hydroalcoholic liquid frequently.    

  1. Socialise avoiding direct contact. 

Social life reduces the risk of depression and anxiety in elderly people. In Covid-19 times, we have to be extremely careful and restart our social relationships avoiding direct contact and leaving a minimum distance of 2 meters.  

  1. Keep the activity at home.  

Due to outdoor exercises have been reduced, it is necessary to maintain a minimum of activity at home. If it is possible, walk through the corridor, climb stairs or do functional exercises to keep the agility.  

  1. Do not give up therapy 

Continuing with therapeutical process is vital for people with dementia. Our Daycare Unit continues with memory workshops via online, an initiative which has have an excellent reception by our users.   

  1. Do cognitive stimulation exercises 

Besides online therapy, users will find exercises to stimulate their memory, language, attention or others by visiting our website.  

  1. Take care of your well-being  

Find moments for your self-care. It is important feeling relaxed and taking care of your appearance. Brushing your hair, polish your nails, listen music, watch a movie... there are some advices. Besides these, we propose 10 tips for the well-being of people with dementia.  

  1.  Self-care of the caregivers 

In normal situation, taking care of people with dementia is highly demanding. Self-caring for feeling good will do your work less stressful. We give you 5 tips for self-care of caregivers in coronavirus time.  

To support families and to meet the demands that arise in the care of people with dementia, Fundació ACE offers citizens the phone 93 430 47 20 for advice and information that will be active from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18 h. 

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