The foundation:

Last Friday, on behalf of the management board of Fundació ACE, a food donation was made to the @YoDoyComidaAlRaval association. Likewise, today, Monday, April 20, a donation will be made to the Caputxins of Sarrià.

Both entities are doing great solidarity and disinterested work, despite the risk that it entails in the current situation, to bring food and basic products closer to the people who need it most.

This solidarity initiative, in line with the values ​​of Fundació ACE, aims to contribute to help families who are having more difficulties in the midst of the pandemic, even if it is only a grain of sand. Both associations have expressed their gratitude to the Fundació ACE team for the contribution.

Gratitude to Fundació ACE through the Instagram account of the charity association

On the other hand, and with the collaboration of the company Perkin Elmer, Fundació ACE has given to the laboratory of the Sant Joan de Déu hospital a piece of a robot that is used to extract genetic material from biological samples.

Fundació ACE uses the machine to obtain the genetic information of people with Alzheimer's or dementia, but, in the case of the Sant Joan de Déu Laboratory, they are using it to find out if the person to whom the sample belongs has COVID-19 or not.

With this piece provided by Fundació ACE, they will be able to multiply by 4 the number of samples processed at a time.


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