Day care and treatment

Dementia: 15 key points for the caregiver

Experts at Fundació ACE, aware of the impact that a dementia diagnosis has on the caregivers of the affected people, suggest taking into account some recommendations when facing the caring activity.

The From Bubble project starts in Barcelona

Fundació ACE will participate from October 16th to December 11th in the From Bubble project, an artistic and social initiative in Barcelona.

Launch of the EU Manifesto for Women's Health

Dr. Mercè Boada, medical director of Fundació ACE and member of the advisory board of the European Institute for Women's Health (EIWH), took part yesterday in the launch of the EU Manifesto for Women's Health in Brussels.

Fundació ACE travels to Brussels to discuss Alzheimer's from a European perspective

A delegation from Fundació ACE led by its medical director, Dr. Mercè Boada, and the deputy director, Dr. Alba Benaque, attended this week in Brussels to several events to join efforts in the fight against Alzheimer's at European level.

Fundació ACE collaborates with Fundación Alícia in the I Professional Conference on Nutrition for a Healthy Aging

Fundació ACE participated in the I Professional Food Conference on Nutrition for Healthy Aging, organized by Alícia Foundation, offering different lectures on nutrition and cognitive impairment.

RCD Espanyol football players also 'Give Memory’

The squad of players of the first team of RCD Espanyol and Espanyol B received yesterday Fundació ACE at the RCD Stadium in order to support the Foundation on the occasion of World Alzheimer's Day and to collaborate with the 'Give Memory' campaign.