Dr Mercè Boada at Festa de la Llum of Manresa

Dr. Mercè Boada was one of the guests invited yesterday to the event "Llum, nom de dona", organized by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Innovators of Manresa (DEIM), administrator of this year's Festa de la Llum. The event brought together five successful women entrepreneurs who shared their professional and experiences with the public and appealed to women's real freedom to decide.

Dr. Boada was accompanied on the stage of the Teatre Auditori de Manresa, which registered a total full, by Laura Ràfols, former female Barça soccer player; Pilarín Bayés, cartoonist; Ada Parellada, cook, and Lourdes Fisa, visual artist. In an act conducted by the journalist Anna Vilajosana, the five expressed how the difficulty added by the fact of being women has forged her character.

The five entrepreneurs agreed that they were fortunate in their first professional steps, since they found a favorable environment at home, both in terms of economic well-being and the fact that they had not suffered discrimination because they were women and had chosen the profession that they wanted. They also affirmed that they don't claim equality "because we are different", but the same ability to choose.

With this conversation, the DEIM Association wanted to create a meeting space to reflect positively on female talent and demonstrate, through the example of the speakers, the capital contribution of women in the business world and the opportunity to contribute to development economic and social organizations thanks to a more diverse and inclusive leadership.


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