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Fundación ACE presents its Scientific Advisory Board


The Director of Institutional Relations of Fundació ACE, Antoni Gelonch, presented the Scientific Advisory Board to the Patronage of the Foundation. During the last half-yearly meeting of the superior organ of the entity, Mr. Gelonch introduced the group of experts that will conform it. This is the first time that the Foundation has its own scientific committee, not being usual in charitable organizations. The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is more characteristic of hospitals or research institutes that dedicate their activity to scientific initiatives.

Therefore, Fundació ACE has created this body with the intention of giving solidity to the projects that are generated in the Foundation and to those that are carried out with other entities. In the line of the work that it has been developing for years, Fundación ACE has a commitment with science and excellence. It is worth mentioning projects such as GR@ACE, a project to scan the human genome to identify new genes for Alzheimer's disease. GR@ACE is an original Fundació ACE project that will be carried out with the DEGESCO Consortium, financed by Fundació Bancària "La Caixa" i Grifols.

Fundació ACE Scientific Advisory Board is made up of different experts from the world of dementia. Dr. Jesús Avila, Director of CIBERNED, Prof. James Becker, Associate Director of ADRC at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. William Klunk, Joan Boada i Mercè Rovira 2016 Award, Dr. Óscar López Director of the ADRC and Prof. Cornelia Van Duijn of Erasmus University.



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