The foundation:

Thank you so much for your donation

On September 18, we were very present at Quim and Xènia's wedding, as the couple decided to allocate the money for their guests' gifts to make a generous donation to Fundación ACE.

The relationship of the groom's family with Fundación ACE dates back years. Quim's maternal grandmother, Amada Ferrer, was a user of our Day Center and one of the patients of our entity.

It makes us very happy to be part of such a special day, keeping in mind the memory of Amada and many other people who live with Alzheimer's.

Thanks to the donation made by Quim and Xènia, which is added to so many other people who altruistically offer us their trust and support, we can continue to advance in the knowledge of dementias.

Because as they expressed during their celebration; there are days that we should keep forever in our memory.

Like Quim and Xènia, if you want to collaborate with Fundació ACE and contribute to making Alzheimer's history, you can do it through the following link or by calling 93 430 47 20.

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