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Fundación ACE begins the Alzheimer’s month with “Give us a memory” campaign with an aim to give visibility to a dementia which affects more than 50 million people in the world and one of the most important challenges in medical investigation.  

Losing memory is the main affectation and symptom of Alzheimer. Is impressing how we become to lose our memories and experiences with close friends and relatives. Also, it is shocking living with loved ones who cannot recognise people or common situations in their lives.  

Regarding World Alzheimer’s Day in September 21st, we launch “Give us a Memory” campaign in order to raise awareness about enjoying good cognitive health. Through this form, completely anonymous, you could share a special occasion, a smell, a sensation... your best memory to fill social networks with moments that would never be erased from our memory.  

We encouraged you to collaborate with us!

Making Alzheimer’s history.  

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