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Mercè Boada: "This is one of the best moments of the research against Alzheimer's."


On May 28 was the International Day of Action for Women's Health. To claim this day, the Association of Women of the XXI century Tuesday organized a conference with the Mercè Boada neurologist at the Ateneo Organizations Pablo Picasso. With the background of women and science, Boada said that Alzheimer's is a  "female" disease.

On the one hand, it is because Alzheimer's affects a higher proportion of women as a result of their greater longevity and, secondly, because it is a disease in which women play a greater presence both in research and care. Dr. Mercè Boada also explained his experience as a woman in the field of scientific research.

As is well known, this is an area where the percentage of women is significantly lower than that of men because of the wage gap and concilliación difficult personal life. In addition, the doctor will present an approach to Alzheimer's disease from the perspective of gender. Data such that 70% of people affected by Alzheimer's are women, were analyzed during the day.

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