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Photographic exhibition: 7000 images against Alzheimer's


Fujifilm Spain, with the collaboration of Fundació ACE, will start the Barcelona Printlife exhibition on January 10th, an initiative created with the aim of preserving memories through photography.

Barcelona Printlife, which can be visited until January 20th at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, brings together a total of 7000 pictures that anonymous people have shared, voluntarily, through the Inspire Printing digital platform driven by Fujifilm. The aim of the exhibition is to raise funds for Alzheimer's and to highlight the value of images as a key element for a long-lasting memories. The multinational company will donate an euro for each person that visits the exhibition and these funds will be devoted to Alzheimer's research.

In addition to the exhibition, several workshops designed for all audiences will be offered, including free memory checks, that professionals from Fundació ACE will offer to people over 50 years old, and the photography workshops for young people "Print your Life with Love". In addition, the visitors of the exhibition will be able to take photographs and print them on site, using the Instax cameras and photocall that will be available.



Barcelona Print Life





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