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Telstar, new patron of Fundació ACE for the next three years

Telstar, a leading global brand in aseptic process solutions specialized in the development of highly complex technological projects in the field of engineering, process equipment, construction and GMP consulting for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, is committed to financially supporting projects of Fundació ACE for the next three years.

The collaboration agreement signed by both entities establishes a collaboration period of three years and formalizes the duration of the donations to the Foundation until 2022. In addition, Telstar has included as an extraordinary donation a refrigerator for the storage of biological samples that Fundació ACE collects with scientific purposes.

This donation contributes to the growth and maintenance of the collection of Alzheimer's genetic samples, which is one of the largest in the world in the field of dementia, with more than 20,000 samples.

Genetics is one of the fields where Alzheimer's research is advancing at the fastest pace in recent years. Thanks to the generous contribution of Telstar, we will be able to continue developing projects in this line with the aim of expanding the knowledge of Alzheimer's disease”, comments Mercè Boada, co-founder and medical director of Fundació ACE.

Emili Pablos, general manager of Telstar, expresses the “great honor that it is for our company to be able to contribute to the great cause that Fundació ACE carries out daily. We are very satisfied to have signed this collaboration agreement that gives us the opportunity to do our part to fight against Alzheimer's ".

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