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The Official College of Doctors of Barcelona donates medical material to Fundació ACE

The Official College of Doctors of Barcelona has made a generous donation to Fundació ACE of protective material for the recovery of face-to-face activity. 

The donation of 40 visors, 30 gowns, 90 glasses, 200 gloves of different sizes and 800 masks will lighten the cost, for the purposes of the medical material, of guaranteeing the complete protection of the Fundació ACE's care team.

"The objective is to preserve the safety of the professionals and people we serve to the maximum", explains Dr. Alba Benaque, general director of Fundació ACE. "With the equipment and material that have been donated to us, we will be able to reduce the risk of contagion and ensure that we can continue to care for pathologies such as dementia, which continue to evolve, regardless of the pandemic".

The Official College of Doctors of Barcelona

The Official College of Doctors of Barcelona (CoMB), an institution founded in 1894, is the centenary corporation that emerged and consolidated to defend the collective interests of the medical profession and, at the same time, to watch over the good practice of Medicine and the right of people to the protection of their health.

In these more than one hundred years, the organization has fought in defense of these objectives, maintaining a constant vigilance of ethical and professional principles, but also adapting its Code of Ethics to health and social changes.

Aware of its role in the development of the medical profession, the CoMB has sought to reaffirm its institutional position and to stand by the doctor in his professional and personal evolution. With this in mind, in recent years, it has multiplied the institution's resources and diversified its activities in this spirit of service to its members.

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