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“Today I grabbed a fiddle for the first time in my life”


On Friday 4 March, the Barcelona Auditorium received, throughout the morning, a group of 30 people, including patients, relatives and carers of the Fundació ACE.

Thanks to the initiative Apropa Cultura, these patients and their families and carers were able to enjoy many leisure activities in a different environment, but always linked to music.

Firstly, they enjoyed a brief concert pianist Elif Burgaz, music therapy student at the School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC). Burgaz played songs that patients could recognize the end of the last century. Even they could dance to the tune of “Perfidia” Los Panchos!

Then, patients and companions to attend part of a test of the City Orchestra of Barcelona and National of Catalonia (OBC). The orchestra played the themes that weekend were in the lineup: the Rachmaninov Symphonic Dances.


Fundacio_ACE_Apropa_Cultura_432016 (2)

Finally, they participated in a workshop led by a music therapist, which was to play musical instruments, without having done it before. They also sang traditional and popular songs.

Fundacio_ACE_Apropa_Cultura_432016 (3) This was a new experience, as expressed in one sentence that heads this piece: “Today I grabbed a fiddle for the first time in my life!” And that helped patients and family members enjoying a good time and enabled them to create new memories together.



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