David Escudé, councilor of the Les Corts district, visits Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona

On February 6th, David Escudé, councilor of the Les Corts district, visited the facilities of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona to learn first-hand about the clinical and social work of the center, as well as to discover the latest scientific projects and advances in the field of dementia in which Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona is actively involved.

David Escudé, appointed new councilor of the district in July, wanted to learn about the work that has led the foundation to become a reference center in the district and a pioneering institution in research and treatments for dementia.

Miren Jone Gurrutxaga, CEO of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona, ​​welcomed the delegation to the Les Corts center's facilities, and then visited the Diagnostic Unit, the Clinical Trials Unit, the Innovative Treatments Unit, and the Pharmacological Treatment Day Hospital. "We are at the service of the citizens of Les Corts, our goal is to promote a district friendly to people with Alzheimer's. This implies not only providing care and support services, but also raising awareness and understanding about the disease."

The new councilor of Les Corts was surprised by the high quality of the facilities and the projection of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona as a national and international reference in the field of dementia, recognizing the importance of having such a committed organization for the people and their families in the district.

The interaction between Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona and the council of the Les Corts district symbolizes a recognition by public institutions of the foundation's work against dementia, emphasizing the importance of synergy between scientific and governmental institutions to improve the quality of life of affected individuals and their families.

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