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Workshop 'Move for Alzheimer's' for the 2019 World Day

Fundació ACE celebrates the event 'Move for Alzheimer's' with entertaining and participatory activities for the whole family. The day, which will coincide with World Alzheimer's Day, includes dance, music and entertainment activities that will take place between 10 am and 2 pm on September 21 at the Magalí Gardens of Les Corts on C/ Vallespir, 194 (previously, Jardins de les Infantes).

The intention of Fundació ACE is to develop a schedule of solidarity activities to make visible the importance of research and treatment of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's. Likewise, the main objective is to get involved in a local activity of the district of Les Corts. We would like to highlight the activity of the local dance groups of the district of Les Corts.


Local performances

During the day, we will experience the performance of La Repúbli-k de l'Avern, which will offer a batucada. We will have a Zumba class on the street with the team of expert dance monitors from Holmes Place Les Corts. We will dance to country rhythm with the Grup Mou-te. Also, we will have the animation of Star Wars Catalunya. Finally, we will end the Alzheimer’s workshop day with the local casteller group, Panarres de Les Corts.


World Alzheimer's Day

On the occasion of World Alzheimer's Day, Fundació ACE recalls the campaign 'Regala memòria' 2018 campaign, which was commemorated last September with the promotion of a video through social networks. The main objective of Fundació ACE is to bring out the reality of Alzheimer's disease into society and organize an inclusive activity to normalize the situation of affected people, who are at risk of exclusion.

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