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You won’t remember the word Coronavirus in 30 years

On the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day, Fundació ACE launches a video with the aim of raise awareness of Alzheimer’s, a disease that more than 800,000 people in Spain suffer.

Due to the appearance of new technologies and regarding to excellent embrace of previous campaigns, this year the video is available in our own platforms and Fundació ACE channels (Youtube, Twitter or Facebook).

HP is the main contributor in 2020 campaign, which get to the heart of Alzheimer’s disease. The video shows common situations during the pandemic and alarm state. Its estimate by 2050 more than 131.5 million people worldwide will suffer Alzheimer’s and they will not remember that in 2020 we lived absolutely exceptional moments.

With this action, Fundació ACE wants to bring up the importance of a precocious detection of dementia, as well as the importance of research, the key to succeed in what are the special peculiarities of a disease which still hasn’t got cure.

Following you can watch the video

Fundació ACE does free memory tests in people over 50 years. You can access by telephone 93 430 47 20 or by email

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