62.5% of participants in the Caregivers' Space last year have been women


62.5% of participants in the Caregivers' Spaces organized by Fundació ACE during the last 12 months have been women, as can be seen from the attendance data collected by the Social Work area. In the last year, 17 training workshops have been carried out in the Caregivers' Space, in which 507 relatives of 326 people diagnosed with dementia (62.5% of women by 37.5% of men) have participated.

The months in which the Caregivers' Space has registered a greater influx of participants in this period have been October 2019 (with the participation of 30 women and 15 men) and January this year (25 women and 17 men).

The 17 training workshops held during the last 12 months have been of different types: post-diagnostic training, monographic workshop on dementia by Lewy bodies and training workshop on activities to do with a person with dementia at home.

The Caregivers’ Spaces are training workshops on dementia aimed at relatives of people who have just been diagnosed by the Foundation's ambulatory assessment team, in order to provide support and explain in depth the impact of a diagnosis of dementia.

These workshops are led by specialists in dementias, psychologists, social workers and nurses, that offer integral training on this kind of diseases, as well as strategies and techniques to redirect the patient's behavior. In addition, they also provide information about the resources and social benefits addressed to this group.

The Caregivers' Spaces take place in the Foundation's Diagnostic Unit and consist of 2 sessions lasting approximately 2 hours and a half.

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