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A book, the best gift to stimulate the mind this summer

A book, or more than one, can be the perfect gift for this summer, especially when this atypical 2020 has forced the postponement of the Sant Jordi celebration in Catalonia as a result of the COVID-19, which has gone from April 23rd to next Thursday July 23rd.

Visiting the bookstores or the street stands in the neighbourhood or in a nearby and well-known environment and choosing a book can also play an essential role in stimulating the brain of people with Alzheimer's or with some kind of cognitive impairment, taking into account that the last few months have been marked by confinement for many groups at risk.

Precisely, one of the advices given by the specialists of Fundació ACE for the summer holidays is to maintain cognitive stimulation activities such as reading and, if possible, to spend some time every day. This is one of the recommendations that the experts from Fundació ACE have included in a decalogue to help people living with Alzheimer's disease during the summer holidays, a time of year when it is common for the routine and habits of many families to undergo changes and modifications.

In fact, encouraging and maintaining the habit of reading helps to preserve the activity and cognitive functions of people with Alzheimer's all year round. This is indicated by the specialists of Fundació ACE, who always advise to promote reading among people with dementia as a tool to work on language and memory. Despite the fact that reading ability is one of the processes that people with Alzheimer's lose later on, it is common for them to progressively abandon this practice due to the effort involved in following the thread of the story and keeping their attention on what they are reading.

In view of this situation, the professionals at Fundació ACE recommend that family members and caregivers of people with dementia facilitate this activity by accompanying them in their reading and making available to them a book or a diary or by writing, for example, a short text in clear print.

Everything begins in a bookstore

This year's celebration of Book and Rose Day in Catalonia has a very special slogan: Everything begins in a bookstore, which invites citizens to remember what they have started in a bookstore throughout their lives or to answer the question: What makes a bookstore different from other places?

In order to guarantee a safe party for everyone, the Cambra del Libre de Catalunya and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat urge citizens to take part in a local book and rose festival in their own municipality or neighbourhood and avoid having to travel. Throughout the day, both indoors and in bookstores and outdoors, it will be necessary to guarantee physical interpersonal distance for safety and the use of a mask will be mandatory for everyone. In addition, access to establishments, traffic flows and capacity will be controlled to avoid crowding.


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Encouraging and maintaining the habit of reading helps to maintain the activity and cognitive functions of people with Alzheimer's. This is what the experts from Fundació ACE indicate, within the framework of the celebration of Sant Jordi's Day.