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The Daycare Unit is again receiving users

The face-to-face activity of Fundació ACE's Daycare Unit (UAD) has begun this week because it no longer delays care for users, after months of forced shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The resumption of activity complies with all the prevention and protection measures specified by the corresponding health authorities in the Catalan Territorial Civil Protection Plan (PROCICAT). 

Among the most important safety and protection measures, UAD users must have taken a PCR test with a negative result before returning to the center. In addition, every 15 days they will undergo a serological test to determine antibodies by COVID-19.

Upon entering the facility, professionals at the center take their temperature and they must disinfect their hands. They must also wear a mask, gown and specific protective footwear during their stay in the center. 

As the medication they take can often mask symptoms caused by COVID-19, if any user reaches 37 degrees, they will have their oxygen saturation measured to check for breathing difficulties.

The ratio established in these first weeks is one professional per user. At all times, the people assisted will respect the safety distance from other users.

Individualized attention and on alternate days

At the moment, only 11 people are attended to daily in the Daycare Center and 10 in the Daycare Hospital, who are given individualised attention. In addition, to ensure that the Daycare Unit can serve as many users as possible, care is provided on alternate days in two different groups: Monday-Tuesday-Friday and Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.

As for the professionals who work in the Daycare Unit, they all have to provide negative PCR test before joining the face-to-face care. They will also be given a serological test to determine IgG (Immunoglobulin G) antibodies, which protect against bacterial and viral infections. 

If possible, the safety distance will be maintained. Throughout the day, Fundació ACE personnel will wear a mask, face screen, gloves and gown and will adopt all established safety and hygiene measures. 

From Fundació ACE we appreciate the understanding and collaboration of users and families to maintain safety and avoid infections by coronavirus.

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