The foundation:

"The loss or preservation of memory in people with Alzheimer's and healthy people" is the title of the presentation that Dr. Bryan Strange has given today at Fundació ACE. Director of the neuroimaging area of CIEN Foundation (Center for Neurological Disease Research), Dr. Strange leads 'RememberEx', a European project that aims to study the selective capacity of memory.

With "RememberEx", Dr. Strange won in 2018 the 'Consolidator Grant' of the European Research Council, endowed with 2 million euros for a period of 5 years.

During his visit, Dr. Strange, who was a speaker at the XI Barcelona-Pittsburgh Conference in 2018 - a first level scientific event organized by Fundació ACE - has called the CIEN Foundation and Fundació ACE “sisters in their approach to the search for knowledge and research on Alzheimer's".


El Dr Strange impartiendo una conferencia delante de un atento público en Fundació ACE

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