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Changes of habits due to Covid-19, a threat for our brain?

The new habits that have emerged as a result of the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have put us to test in many facets of our lives. Mobility limitations to slow the spread of the virus lead to substantial changes in our day-to-day life and interrupt our social and work habits, which are essential elements to take care of our cognitive capacity.

If we are in an active work stage, it is very likely that at first, we have felt happy to stay and work from our home, but after months without socializing with our colleagues, follow a routine until we reach our workstation or simply to go out and see movement in the street, our mental health begins to suffer and arise episodes of anxiety, sadness and stress.

A sustained period of stress, anxiety and sadness could result in a decline in our cognitive ability. Frequent forgetfulness, irritation, apathy or anxiety about responsibilities may begin to emerge. We must be alert to these new signs in order to reverse this situation and lead a cognitively healthy life, as well as seek an expert to evaluate our memory.

What can we do to stay cognitively active?
  • Exercise our brain. We must challenge ourselves to achieve objectives and goals, as well as keep our curiosity awake. In addition, doing arithmetic, sudoku or crossword exercises will help us to train our brain.
  • Socialize. To fight sadness and anxiety it is necessary that we maintain a socially active life to increase our sense of belonging and our security.
  • Follow a healthy diet. A rich and assorted diet, based on vegetables, fruit and fish is beneficial for our brain.
  • Exercise. In the same way that it is important to eat well to be healthy, it is convenient to exercise physically. Going for a walk or a run will clear our mind and help us face our day to day with more optimism.
  • Avoid risk factors. Controlling hypertension and diabetes, as well as avoiding tobacco and alcohol, will help delay cognitive decline.
Free online memory check-up

It is true that it is very likely that forgetfulness or irritation is more related to a depression or stress caused by the pandemic situation and new social and work habits, but we cannot let them pass and it would be convenient to check-up our memory.

At Fundació ACE we provide free online memory check-ups for people over 50 years of age in order to detect early mild cognitive impairment, thus we will have the opportunity to slow down the onset of dementia in people who are still working.

You can make an appointment at:

93 430 47 20

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