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The Diagnostic Unit recovers the presential activity

Since March, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Diagnostic Unit has been providing telematic attention to ensure the best care for patients and families who were visiting during this period of time.

With the change of phase and in accordance with the criteria of the health authorities, the Unit is now recovering part of the face-to-face activity, so as not to delay any longer the care of those who have not been able to make the visits telematically. 

Even so, whenever possible, it will be recommended to opt for non-presential visits, to minimize the risk of contagion with unnecessary travel. 

In particular, it will be recommended not to travel to the Unit if the person presents:  

  • Unstable chronic pathologies: respiratory, cardiac or active oncological process.
  • Mobility problems and the need for adapted transport or an ambulance.

People who will visit Fundació ACE in person from now on will be given a triage questionnaire by telephone regarding the COVID-19 and safety measures will be explained to them:

On arrival to the center: 

  • The use of the mask is mandatory.
  • If people are wearing gloves, they must remove them and throw them in the bucket at the entrance.
  • They will have to keep their belongings in a plastic bag.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel will be dispensed for hand disinfection.
  • Plastic protectors must be placed over the shoes.
  • The temperature of patients and accompanying persons will be taken.
  • Only one companion is allowed.
  • In the case of social work visits without the presence of the patient, a maximum of 2 family members may attend.

General measures of physical distance:

  • They will need to follow the safety distance indicators in the waiting rooms, in the corridors and in the consulting rooms.

At the exit of the center:

  • They can throw their shoe protectors and plastic bags into the bucket in the exit hall.

From Fundació ACE we appreciate the understanding and collaboration of patients and families to maintain safety and avoid coronavirus infections.

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