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Dra. Mercè Boada has taken part in an online meeting, organised by Fundación Telefónica and Photo España, in order to analyse the significance of using pictures during the therapeutic process of dementia. Together with Laurence Aëgerter, artist and photographer, have emphasise images as a therapeutic method in Alzheimer and senile dementia.

“Alzheimer is losing your own image, is losing yourself”. Though this description we might understand the value of pictures “because though them they can recover their profile and go back to a lost reality. In a certain way, and thank you to the images which give them back to the past, they can recover their history and their present”. Dra. Boada adds: “the emotional element is a meaningful factor in the therapeutic process because pictures allows for feeling thrilled, get back to a pleasant moment and rebuild experiences.”

Meanwhile, photographer Laurence Aëgarter has explained her cooperation with neurologists and psychiatrists in defining a useful therapeutic model for people with dementia. Through photographs connected between them, people with senile dementia can exercise the brain, discuss with other person, reduce their depression and slow down dementia.

You can watch the meeting in the following video.

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