Dr. Mercè Boada participates in the Health and Consumption Committee of the Congress of Deputies

Dr. Mercè Boada, co-founder and medical director of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona, has participated in the session “Early detection and diagnosis. New paradigms of Alzheimer's”, organized by Biogen and CEAFA in the context of the Health and Consumer Affairs Committee of the Congress of Deputies.

During the meeting, Dr. Boada highlighted the importance of advancing in clinical tests that help identify the likelihood of developing dementia, one of the most present concerns in society.

Specifically, the medical director of Ace has emphasized "the need to promote awareness, information and education actions in society about the value of predicting and preventing the course of the disease".

Regarding the role of the Spanish medical and scientific community to achieve this goal, for Dr. Boada it is necessary to “promote the synergies offered by the transversality of knowledge, research and clinical practice. The driving force must be a multidisciplinary approach based on the precision of clinical, molecular and social diagnosis. The strategy must be the combination of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments that respond to the characteristics of each person and the needs of their immediate environment”.

Finally, Dr. Mercè Boada called on those present at the session of the Committee of the Congress of Deputies to "make these statements a reality" and pointed out that "we need social commitment, high academic training and funding".

Relevant data on the prevalence of Alzheimer's in Spain

In Spain, between 3 and 4% of the population between 75 and 79 years of age is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, numbers that increase to 34% in those over 85 years of age. In total, it is estimated that in Spain there are 1,200,000 people affected by Alzheimer's disease.

According to the Spanish Society of Neurology, 40,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, but it is estimated that 80%, the mildest, are still undiagnosed.

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