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Coronavirus marks a before and after in clinical trials

Dr. Mercè Boada has stated that the coronavirus pandemic has marked a before and after in the field of clinical trials in particular and in the way of understanding medicine in general. 

The co-founder and medical director of Fundació ACE participated in the last Digital Meeting Biomedical research in the post-COVID era. The present and future of new clinical trials, organized by Roche Farma and Europa Press.

According to Dr. Boada, "if we take into account this period of the COVID-19, we will see that this pandemic has been the great tractor for things to change in the world of medicine and clinical research". 

Along the same lines, the medical director of Fundació ACE has called for the collaboration of family doctors so that they "do not trivialise" clinical trials and can pass on to their patients "the great effort and research rigour behind them". She also maintained that "we are all guinea pigs in the new situations we face every day" and stressed that "without quality clinical trials, medicine does not advance".

Dr. Boada also stressed that the COVID-19 will bring about important changes in clinical research, since some processes will be speeded up, but "maintaining the same rigour and scientific method as always". "We will be able to work on platforms where all the information is recorded and can be evaluated with artificial intelligence much more quickly," she added.

This digital meeting on biomedical research in the post-COVID era also included the participation of José Antonio Pérez Molina, an infectious diseases service specialist at the Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal. Pérez Molina stressed that the pandemic has brought to light "the importance of clinical research done well" and said that clinical trials are "top-level research of the highest quality, not just playing to see what works".

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