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Fundació ACE presents the GR@CE study in genomics of Alzheimer's at CIIIEN 2018

Agustín Ruiz, head of research at Fundació ACE, took part in September 21st in the V edition of the International Congress on Innovation and Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases (CIIIEN) that was hold in Santiago de Compostela. Ruiz explained during his session the experience gained through the GR@CE project (Genome Research at Fundació ACE), a study of human genetics that promotes the decoding of DNA of 12,000 Spanish citizens, half of them with Alzheimer's.

The project, which lasts three years, is based on the application of high-resolution genomic technologies to identify new genes that cause Alzheimer's disease in order to find a treatment. The study, which is supported by "la Caixa" Foundation and Grifols, is currently the genetic study with the largest number of genomic samples in Spain. CIIIEN is celebrated every year since 2013, coinciding with World Alzheimer's Day (September 21), and focuses on main research advances in neurodegenerative disorders, particularly Alzheimer´s, Parkinson´s and Huntington´s diseases.

This meeting, organized by the Center of Research in Neurological Diseases (CIEN) Foundation and the Network Center for Biomedical Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases (CIBERNED) with the support of the Queen Sofia Foundation, aims to provide a forum for the scientific community to discuss about research on this type of diseases. Around 400 researchers from several countries have attended this year.  


Agustín Ruiz takes part in the CIIIEN 2018



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