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New study: A mutation in PLCG2 gene protects against Alzheimer’s and several forms of dementia and promotes longevity


Researchers from Fundació ACE have participated in a new genetics study that reveals that a rare genetic variant in the PLCG2 gene protects against various forms of dementia. The results of the study, led by the Amstedam UMC, have been published in the journal Acta Neuropathologica.

It was previously known that carriers of this genetic variant have a 2-fold reduced chance of developing Alzheimer's compared to non-carriers. However, it now appears that carrying the variant also protects against other forms of neurodegenerative disorders such as frontal temporal dementia, and Lewy Body dementia

The study also proved that the carriers of this variant have a more than 2-fold increased chance of reaching 100 years without dementia.


Research on Alzheimer's genetics



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