The foundation:

Barcelona for Alzheimer’s Group set up by Fundacio ACE, Barcelona City Council and other four organizations specialized in Alzheimer’s, have created a new channel aimed at Barcelona’s neighbors in order to answer any doubt about Alzheimer’s disease. The website has launched coinciding to World Alzheimer’s Day and is available in the following link.

Infocanal BCN for Alzheimer’s” adds more than one hundred Q&A with basic information about Alzheimer’s, its prevention, activities and resources that exists in Barcelona city for caregivers, as well as legal doubts, advices on behavior towards people with dementia, among other questions.

In this website users will find practical and new information about Alzheimer’s, its evolution and its impact on immediate surroundings. This platform is useful for obtain serviceable information through different stages of the disease, going further medical treatment, and adds a live chat for specific questions.

"Infocanal BCN" arises in Covid-19 context that has brought to light the necessity of get into information via online, but it has the purpose of prevail through time.  

What is Barcelona for Alzheimer’s Group

Barcelona for Alzheimer’s Group started its activity in 2018, set up by Health Department of Barcelona City Council, Fundacio ACE and other four organizations specialized in Alzheimer’s disease. It raised with the aim of working in collaboration to achieve an Alzheimer’s friendly city for people who suffer this dementia and their caregivers. In this context the group drives Barcelona for Alzheimer’s Initiative, with the purpose of raising awareness, progressing in public services, contributing to useful information, prevention, attention and care of people with dementia and their environment, giving support to organizations and promote a truly network labor.

What will you find on Infocanal BCN for Alzheimer’s?

The launch of the website has been possible thanks to a co-working between those five organizations. We have made an ensemble identification about what are the most frequent questions in Alzheimer’s, and we offer practical information linked to previous stages of the disease. Also, users will find practical information about the initial symptoms and the diagnosis, as well as intermediate and final stages of the disease. In fact, the website is addressed to a wide variety of groups though it had been thought for families, also contains a valuable information for professional and not professional caregivers. The new channel has the willingness to be one of the numerous resources that exist in Barcelona at the moment and so appear in the websites of model organizations.

Likewise, "Infocanal BCN" acts as content aggregator and includes links to organization’s websites and their resources. In any case, doesn’t replace the information that this organizations already provide, but it helps to spreading news and their inclusion in a universal, updated and accessible platform. Moreover, "Infocanal BCN" will identify frequently asked questions in order to include them in the platform for divert the answers toward different city resources

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